Critical Issue Fund grantee organization Food Connect in Philadelphia has been selected as one of six organizations out of a pool of 70 organizations nationwide to be part of Visible Connect's virtual non-profit accelerator program. Over the course of nine months, Food Connect will receive philanthropic capital, ongoing mentorship, technical support, and introductions to funders as part of the program. All of the organizations selected use mobile technology as part of their mission to create community impact. Food Connect leverages smart technology, such as its mobile app, to bridge the gap between surplus food and communities in need of food.

In addition, Food Connect has been accepted into the GreenLight Fund's Bay Area cohort. The Fund looks at hundreds of organizations each year and makes selections based upon those that are meeting an identified need of the Bay Area community and those who use a model that is easily replicable. 

Finally, Food Connect is featured in an abstract that will be published in John's Hopkins Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. The abstract focuses on the concept of "techquity," that is, the role that technoligy plays in equity.